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The Girl Behind the Mess.....

Artist, Robin Alenda I may have arrived at my art a smidge late in life ( 45 🤫) but I'm hoping it  just matters I arrived. I am a self-professed "mess", but until now I had nowhere to embrace the scattered emotions of my over-active, deeply sensitive brain until I decided to break my own rules and question why they even existed in the first place. I'm not actually sure where the rules started or more importantly why I clung to them as "fixed" but nonetheless they held me back from expression. Today, I'm happy to report I break all the self-created rules and just put colors, lines, strokes, basically whatever makes me feel good, and hope for the best! Reality is, I now have embraced this approach in all aspects of my life and feel compelled to encourage others to do the same. With my art, I hope to inspire others to say "Fuck it, paint what ya want," or whatever makes you feel as good as I feel when I paint (P.S. my mess includes cursing 🤬 💋).

Today, I happily embrace my Messy Girl and love when someone shares their "mess/love/expression' back. I live in Northern California with my three teenage/adult boys and my amazing husband of 20 years, he deserves the "amazing" title for so many reasons, but to stand alongside my hurricane takes a special soul. Thank you Rafa.


Messy Girl .heic
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